TUTTUL Company

Who We Are.

Totol company for real estate development and investment and licensed in the commercial register No. 22785
It specializes in practicing the profession of developing and investing in real estate and establishing real estate projects, which are strategic projects that include the establishment of new urban communities with the aim of developing specific areas in light of the available data for comprehensive regional planning for the competent authorities and the data of the administrative authority, and projects to address the random housing areas that aim to secure housing for specific segments.


Why To Have Real Estate Development and Investment in Syria ?....

Syria is the cradle of civilization … we see it has witnessed distinctive creative planning and design methods that made it a unique icon throughout the ages and from our role as contemporary architects and to maintain an advanced level of urban planning and design and keep pace with development and modernity, it was necessary to establish a real estate development company capable of presenting projects The different quality in the field of urban planning, hence the role of Totol as a pioneer in this field.

Our Vision

Leadership and excellence in the real estate development sector and the provision of real estate services that meet the needs and expectations of clients and even exceed them in a way that contributes to achieving economic and social development.


Our Message

Providing distinguished real estate services with high quality and price that suits all target segments and benefit from the great development taking place in the field of urban planning and building materials used in the real estate sector and trained and qualified human cadres.