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TUTTUL Services

Our Group of companies leads the Real Estate market in Greece – based on a solid network that takes care of the details – able to guarantee you the most professional property management service.

we provide following services

Special service areas projects

Establishing projects for private and non-tourist service areas, which include establishing areas for advanced medical, educational, commercial and sports services.

Studies and research​

TOTOL has an orientation to provide research and studies on urban and architectural subjects and modern technologies.

Social projects

It aims to secure housing for specific segments of society on concessional terms by owning divisions intended for construction or owning residential units in installments or renting these units at reasonable prices and premiums.

Real estate development projects

These are projects that are concerned with providing distinctive real estate products, whether they are raw land plots, private housing or commercial centers, taking into account the wishes of investors and real estate market trends within scientific, academic and technical studies and research by engineers and planners within the company.

Sustainable development projects

The studying engineering team follows up the latest and most important techniques and materials in the field of building, design, planning and other works that ensure the sustainability of projects and their keeping pace with new technologies.